Survey: 30 Innovations used in Disaster Risk Reduction : products and approaches


The impacts and damages caused by natural hazards are enormous. While various DRR measures have been applied in multi-hazards studies for many years, interdisciplinary approaches are being developed and implemented toward creating further effective and evidence-based solutions.

In February 2018, the APRU Multi-Hazards Program, for which Tohoku University plays the role of program hub, organized a DRR policy influence strategic meeting at Tohoku University with APRU members and partner organizations. The 30 DRR innovations were identified collaboratively after the meeting.

The estimated time for completing the survey is approximately 5 minutes.

Target Respondents

The aim of this survey is for you to select the top 3 DRR innovations out of the 30 identified. The estimated time of completion is 5 minutes.

The results of this survey will be included in a publication on the 30 innovations to be issued early 2019 and will be made available on the APRU Multi-hazards program website

Answer before

January 20, 2019.


Prof. Takako Izumi (
Associate Professor of International Strategy for Disaster Mitigation, Tohoku University