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Upcoming Consortia Events in 2017-2018
ConsortiaEventPeriodHostAttendeesDisciplinesNumber of Recruitment from TUSubsidyApply (Register) byNote
APRU3rd Vice Presidents for Research Meeting2017.5.21-23Nanjing UniversityVice Presidents for Research
APRU22nd Annual Presidents Meeting2017.6.25-27UNSWPresidents, Vice Presidents
APRUUndergraduate Leaders Program2017.7.1-12Far Eastern Federal UniversityUndergraduate StudentsAll disciplinesClosedClosed
APRUAPRU-IRIDeS Multi-Hazards Summer School 20172017.7.18-21Tohoku UniversityGraduate students, Young researchersDisaster ScienceClosedClosedAPRU Multi-Hazard Website
APRUMulti-Hazards Symposium2017.8Peking UniversityGraduate students, FacultiesDisaster ScienceClosedParticipants are required to be responsible for their own participant fees and traveling expenses.
APRU15th Senior Staff Meeting2017.9.20-22Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education,Vice Presidents
APRU8th Population Ageing Research Symposium2017.10.4-6National University of SingaporeStudents, FacultiesAgeingNow OpenParticipants are required to be responsible for their own participant fees and traveling expenses.
APRUGlobal Health Conference2017.10.17-20University of the PhilippinesGraduate students, FacultiesGlobal HealthNow OpenParticipants are required to be responsible for their own participant fees and traveling expenses.
APRUAgeing in the Asia-Pacific Workshop for Young Researchers2017.11.9-10University of TokyoGraduate students, Young researchersAgeing2ClosedDetailed information
APRUAsia-Pacific Women in Leadership (APWiL) Workshop 20172017.11.1-3University of SydneyGraduate students, Young researchersWomen in Leadership1Closed
AEARUUndergraduate Summer Camp2017.6.28-7.29Seoul National UniversityUndergraduate StudentsAll disciplinesClosedFor the detailed information, please ask Student Exchange Division.
AEARU23rd Annual General Meeting2017.9.24-25University of TsukubaPresidents, Vice Presidents
AEARUAdvanced Materials Science Workshop2017.11.1-2Osaka UniversityStudents, FacultiesAdvanced Materials Scienses3 students and 1 faculty/staff memberClosedDetailed Information
AEARUSymposium on Teaching and Learning in East Asian Research UniversitiesTBDHKUSTFacultiesTeaching and LearningTBDTBDTBD
RENKEISteering Meeting2017.4.27-28British Council Tokyo OfficeVice Presidents
RENKEIAnnual Steering Meeting2017.11.15-16University of SouthamptonVice Presidents
RENKEIDigital Cultural Heritage Business and Open Data: Bringing Rome to Japan2017.4-2017.5Ritsumeikan UniversityStudents, FacultiesOpen Scholarship, Digital Business, Digital Cultural Heritage2Closed
RENKEIPAX Workshop: Emancipating the Mind: History, Politics and Heritage2017.8.17-26Liverpool, UKGraduate students, Young researchersslavery and slavery-like practices including human trafficking and forced labour2ClosedFor the details and application, refer to here
APRUWomen and the Future of Work in the Asia-Pacific Conference 2018TBA.  Two days conference in early 2018ILOPreference Researchers and Authors from the Asia and the Pacific regionempirical researchClosedClosedFor the details and application, refer to here
AEARUAEARU Responsible Innovation for Inclusive Growth in the Era of Global Inequality2017.11.3- 4KAISTGraduate studentsR&D2ClosedFor the details and application, refer to here
APRUDemocratizing AI and Building Trust in the Technology2017.12.1
& Other days: TBA
Keio University
& Institute in Hong Kong (TBA)
ResearchersDemocratizing AI and Building Trust in the TechnologyClosedClosedFor the details and application, refer to here
AEARUAEARU 6th Student Physical Competition2017.11.2-4Seoul National UniversityStudentsPhysical Competition2 ClosedEvent canceled
PRRLAPRRLA 2017 Meeting2017.10.17-20Zhejiang UniversityVice President, Librarian
APRUProvosts' Forum 20182018.3.11-13The University of Hong KongPresidents, Vice Presidents
APRUInternational Policy Advisory Committee (IPAC) Meeting2018.3.22-23HKUSTVice Presidents
AEARUThe 7th AEARU Environmental Workshop2018.3.21-24Tsinghua UniversityStudents, FacultiesEnvironment3Feb. 10, 2018For the details and application, refer to here
APRUGlobal Health Case Competition 20182018.4.30
2018.10.30 (Final)
Universiti MalayaUndergraduate / Graduate StudentsGlobal Health5-6: a TeamMar. 1, 2018


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