Name:German-Japanese University Alliance
HeKKSaGOn:Heidelberg, Kyoto, Karlsruhe, Tohoku (in Sendai), Göttingen, Osaka – Alliance

  • Established in:2010
  • Member Institutions: 6 Universities from Japan and Germany
    (Germany) Heidelberg University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), University of Göttingen
    (Japan) Tohoku University, Kyoto University, Osaka University
  • Website:https://www.hekksagon.net

The Japanese-German University Consortium HeKKSaGOn founded in 2010 is a bilateral university network composed of three Japanese and three German major universities with the aim to promote exchange between Japan and Germany through activities such as research staff/student exchange, joint research, workshops and summer schools.


HeKKSaGOn Presidential Conferences, Research Collaboration through Working Groups and Seasonal Schools for students and early-career researchers. Tohoku University hosted the 4th HeKKSaGOn Presidential Conference in April, 2015.

HeKKSaGOn Presidential Conferences

Period Host Link
6th 2018.4.12-13 Osaka University Details HeKKSaGOn website
5th 2016.9.29-30 KIT Details HeKKSaGOn website
4th 2015.4.16-17 Tohoku University Details HeKKSaGOn website
3rd 2013.9.12-13 University of Göttingen HeKKSaGOn website
2nd 2012.3.29-30 Kyoto University
1st 2010.7.29-30 Heidelberg University

HeKKSaGOn Seasonal Schools

Period Host Link
Kyoto Short-term Internship Programme 2016.Feb. & Mar. Kyoto University
1st Winter School 2016.2.15-26 Kyoto University HeKKSaGOn website
3rd Summer School 2014.9.11-20 University of Göttingen HeKKSaGOn website
2nd Summer School 2014.9.1-10 KIT HeKKSaGOn website
1st Summer School 2012.9.17-26 Heidelberg University HeKKSaGOn website
Working Groups

The HeKKSaGOn network’s collaboration mechanism is based on research groups consisting of scientists from the member universities.

  1. Life & Natural Science Fusion
  2. Coordination Chemistry for Energy Conversion, Catalysis & Nanotechnology
  3. Social Sciences & Humanities
  4. Disaster Risk & Response: Scientific & technological Issues
  5. Dynamic Imaging for Physical, Chemical & Biological Interests
  6. Robotics: Challenges & Opportunities in the 21st Century
  7. Japanese-German Neuroscience Research Network Focusing on Psychosis, Affective Disorders & Related Traits
  8. Mathematics at the Interface of Science and Technology towards Innovation – Seeds in Mathematics versus Needs outside Mathematics
  9. Data Science

International Exchange Division
TEL: +81-22-217-5578/6182