Conclusion of an agreement to establish an ELyT Max laboratory

On October 27th, 2015, Tohoku University held a signing ceremony to establish an ELyT MaX (Engineering & Science, Lyon-Tohoku joint laboratory for Materials and Systems under Extreme Conditions) laboratory, with President Susumu Satomi, Executive Vice President Toshiya Ueki, Executive Vice President Sadayoshi Ito, and 28 others in attendance.

ELyT is a cooperative research organization between Tohoku University, CNRS, INSA Lyon and ECL founded in December 2008. Since its inception, its members have carried out collaborative research, held workshops and summer school programs, and worked to form strong cooperative bonds. Using the international research organization Unité mixte international (UMI), which was founded by CNRS, the group has created a long-term stay research unit known as ELyT MaX, and together with CNRS, INSA Lyon, and Tohoku University, aims to continue these cooperative research ties in the future.

Following an opening address by Jacques Maleval, Counsellor for Science and Technology of the Embassy of France in Japan, President Satomi gave his remarks, followed by statements from Philippe Codognet, Head of Tokyo Office for Japan, CNRS、Marie-Pierre Favre, Vice President of INSA Lyon, and Professor Philippe Kapsa, from ECL. After the opening addresses, Professor Jean-Yves Cavaille (INSA Lyon) gave an introduction of ELyT MaX, which was followed by President Satomi signing the letter of agreement, with the goal of future research exchange and collaborative research After the ceremony, the visitors visited the Material Solution Center (MaSC) and Professor Ogawa’s Engineering laboratory, where they viewed the cutting-edge research currently being carried out.

We hope that this agreement will lead to future collaborative research between Tohoku University and French researchers, post docs, and doctoral students, which will give birth to global research results.