• Name:German-Japanese University Alliance
    HeKKSaGOn:Heidelberg, Kyoto, Karlsruhe, Tohoku (in Sendai), Göttingen, Osaka – network
  • Established in:2010
  • Member Institutions: 6 Universities from Japan and Germany
    (Germany) Heidelberg University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), University of Göttingen
    (Japan) Tohoku University, Kyoto University, Osaka University
  • Website:https://www.hekksagon.net

The Japanese-German University Consortium HeKKSaGOn founded in 2010 is a bilateral university network composed of three Japanese and three German major universities with the aim to promote exchange between Japan and Germany through activities such as research staff/student exchange, joint research, workshops and summer schools.

Priority Areas

At the Presidents’ Conference in Heidelberg in 2019, the following four areas were identified as priority areas and will be given special focus:
1. Transcultural studies and the transformation of cultural heritage
2. Data science, digitization, and artificial intelligence
3. Health, well-being, safe and resilient societies
4. Engineering molecular systems and bioimaging

Working Group Projects

The following eight projects have been selected as HeKKSaGOn working group projects and are being funded by the member universities to which they belong. (Period: October 2020 – September 2023)

プロジェクト題目Lead CoordinatorCoordinator at Tohoku UniversityPriority Area
Next-Generation Biomedical Sciences
- Fusion of Molecular Engineering, Imaging, and Modeling
Prof. Motomu Tanaka (Heidelberg U)Prof. Hiroshi Suito (AIMR)2,4
Quantum Innovation by Interdisciplinary Medical ResearchProf. Takashi Nakano (Osaka U)Prof. Kei Takase (GS Medicine)3
Mineral and energy resource systems for resilient, sustainable societiesProf. Kazuyo Matsubae (Tohoku U)PRof. Kazuyo Matsubae (GS Environmental Studies)3
Robotics for Health, Well-being, Safe and Resilient SocietiesProf. Kazuya Yoshida (Tohoku U)Prof. Kazuya Yoshida (GS Engineering3
HeKKSaGOn Conference and Summer School: “The Digital World: Data
Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics
Prof. Ramin Yahyapour (U Göttingen)Prof. Mitsuyuki Nakao (GS Information Science)2
Mathematics at the Interface of Science and TechnologyProf. Wilderich Tuschmann (KIT)Prof. Shioya Takashi (GS Sciences)2,3,4
Asian and Transcultural Studies: The Next GenerationProf. Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano (Kyoto U)Prof. Koji Ono (GS Arts and Literature)1
Recreating Global History from Asian Perspectives: The Twentieth-Century World in TurmoilProf. Shigeru Akita (Osaka U)
Prof. Hiroaki Adachi (GS Arts and Literature)1

HeKKSaGOn Presidential Conferences, Research Collaboration through Working Groups and Seasonal Schools for students and early-career researchers. Tohoku University will host the 8th HeKKSaGOn Presidential Conference on September 9-10, 2021.

HeKKSaGOn Presidential Conferences

Period Host Link
8th 2021.9.9-10 Tohoku University
7th 2019.9.12-13 Heidelberg University Details HeKKSaGOn website
6th 2018.4.12-13 Osaka University Details HeKKSaGOn website
5th 2016.9.29-30 KIT Details HeKKSaGOn website
4th 2015.4.16-17 Tohoku University Details HeKKSaGOn website
3rd 2013.9.12-13 University of Göttingen HeKKSaGOn website
2nd 2012.3.29-30 Kyoto University
1st 2010.7.29-30 Heidelberg University
Experience story by a participant

Learning through Diversity and Friendship

The event was a student workshop with a theme of Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of the HeKKSaGOn network.
As I had expected, activities that included diversity in terms of the participants’ backgrounds and majors enriched my view regarding certain topics and gave me a different perspective. This effect was extended beyond the workshop’s scheduled sessions by the amazing interaction we had at lunch, dinner, and even at breakfast. Having a similar but still different experience of being in both Japan and Germany made it easy for us to engage in conversation beyond our tasks within the workshop.
Working together as groups, and ultimately as a big team, on a presentation about a topic that is not specifically related to our major was a great experience, as it taught us how to work with a mixed group and how to deliver results. It gave me a chance to explore my strengths and weaknesses regarding working in a large team. Also, the activity led by the coach made me reflect on myself and sustainable development in general, and I believe it will raise my awareness regarding this topic.
(Sana Talmoudi, Graduate School of Engineering / participated in HeKKSaGOn Presidents’ Conference- Students Workshop at Heidelberg University from September 12-13, 2019)


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